Monday, June 20, 2011

Ni Hao...from Taiwan

Being in a foreign country with a language barrier is tough.  Luckily, everyone that we've encountered so far has been really nice.  Nothing better than charades to get the message across, literally.  I had to squat when I asked where was the restroom at a bookstore.  Some people are able to speak and understand bits of English but most of them don't.  It's amazing how Cantonese and Taiwanese differ in language.  Ordering food to eat is tough if there isn't an English menu or pictures.  

On our first day in Taiwan, we went to several places including Sun Yat Sen Memorial Hall, the second tallest building in the world, Taipei 101 and the famous Shilin Night Market.  Shilin Night Market has tons of shopping, local Taiwanese food and drinks.  I really thought that I'd go crazy at the market trying out every single dish I could get my hands on but everything I've tried in Taiwan so far has just been okay...nothing to really write home about. 



Taiwan is famous for milk tea with boba.  The place that I got it from was good.  The tapioca was chewy and fresh while the milk tea was creamy.  I also tried the Bittermelon with honey drink.  Every first sip is sweet and then you get the bitter after taste.  Nonetheless, very refreshing.  


Stinky Tofu is my kryptonite but I still attempted it since we were in Taiwan and that's what they are famous for.  I still dislike it.  

The oyster pancake, another local favorite was pretty good.  It has this gelatinous filling which gives the omelet a slimy, gooey texture but it was tasty. 

I also tried the beef noodles which was decent.  Noodles were al-dente, soup base was slightly spicy with a slight tomato taste. Overall, food in Taiwan is really cheap!  


TAIWAN SHAVE ICE DESSERT (very fine ice...yum!)
I got a lot of meals under $4 and some items for just 88 cents.  You really get your money's worth here in Taiwan since the exchange rate is so good.  It's worth a trip to see another country, the people and their culture.  But I highly recommend learning the language or coming with someone who knows it.  

We are on a plane tomorrow to Hong Kong and will continue our honeymoon there...see you in Hong Kong!

Friday, June 10, 2011

I'm so excited!

and i just can't hide it! Yes, i'm singing...

My honeymoon trip is exactly 1 week away and I can't wait!  We are headed to Taiwan, Macau and Hong Kong.  I haven't been on an international trip in probably 8 years.  This will be the first time my hubby and I go on an international trip together.  It should be fun.  Only thing I'm really worried about is that he might get sick from eating at all the food stands that I intend to try.  I have a strong stomach that can take just about anything.  He on the other hand....

I'll be blogging with videos and pics hopefully throughout the trip.  Stay tuned!